Films produced

1999 ⎪  Screen writer, director and co-producer with Christian Gaume of the film “Ladakh, les bergers de l’hiver” (Ladakh, the winter shepherds) (52 min, 1st shown December 1999). 95° West producer, for Canal+’s documentary programme “Dans la nature” (In the wild) with Stéphane Peyron.

1998 ⎪  Screen writer, director and art adviser for the film “Zanskar, les moissonneurs de l’Himalaya” (Zanskar, the harvesters of the Himalayas) (52 min, 1st shown December 1998). 95° West producer, for Canal+’s documentary programme “Dans la nature” (In the wild) with Stéphane Peyron.

Documentaries on Olivier Föllmi

2009 ⎪ Föllmis’ Destiny, produced by Céline Moulys
A 90’ documentary on the life and destiny of Danielle and Olivier Föllmi, a humanist doctor and photographer.
Föllmis’ Destiny tells the story of Danielle and Olivier Föllmi’s 30 years of life and adventure in the Himalayas.
A genuine tribute to the meeting between different people, this film also defends the respect and value of different cultures. It is an ode to the human power of adventure.

2008 ⎪ En quête d’images, (Seeking for images) produced by Alexandre Spalaikovitch
A 26'10" documentary on Olivier Föllmi while filming in Myanmar during which he tells us about himself and explains how he works, makes contacts, approaches the shot he wants to take. This very practical documentary also includes tips on equipment, logistics and the organisation of a photo reportage, as well as on how to travel. He also shares with the public some moving moments as he narrates some meetings with the Burmese people.

2008 ⎪ Rouge, vert, blanc, (Red, green, white) produced by Cécile Cusin
A 26’ documentary on Olivier Föllmi, photographer and mountain lover.

2006 ⎪ Le travail du photographe, (The photographer’s work) produced by Andrès Chacon
A 8' documentary on Olivier Föllmi’s work in the Salar d'Uyuni, Bolivia.
In 2006, with Nora Delgado his Peruvian assistant, Olivier Föllmi staged a scene on the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia at 4000 metres above sea level, to take a photograph he had imagined of a pair of dancers, Cécilia and Julio, dancing in the clouds, in order to illustrate a love poem by Pablo Neruda. Andres, a cameraman from Sucre, accompanied and filmed them. The film is extremely moving even if the quality of the image is not very good due to the cold, the altitude and the emotion that Andres experienced while living this adventure...

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